What Flowers are Toxic to Cats

Want to find out what flowers are toxic to cats? I’ve created a list and want to share it today with you. I also included a list of standard and beautiful, safe flowers that you can keep in your household and receive as gifts from your loved ones.


Some flowers are toxic, poisonous, and even potentially fatal to your cat. And you’ll find some like that even in most common types of flowers we see every day. Let’s get started to make sure you keep your fur babies safe, so first things first, there are over 400 different plants and flowers that are toxic to your cat. So in this article, I’m just naming the ones that are more commonly brought into households or put in gardens or given as gifts.

Now all of these plants that I’m about to name should be avoided if you have any cats, and there is one plant or flowers on this list that you will hopefully already know about. Because if not, this will be vital information to keep your cat safe.

Even a little bit of some of these plants and not even consumption, but even if a cat brushes one of these plants and then proceeds to groom itself, it can prove fatal. If you have a cat ( indoor/outdoor ), make sure to take heed of this list and exclude any of these plants or flowers from your garden.

The plants and flowers that are toxic and potentially fatal to your cats are-


  • Aloe vera 
  • Amaryllis /belladonna/ naked lady
  • Asparagus fern
  • Azalea
  • Baby’s breath (those little white decorative flowers that are often included in bouquets and arrangements)
  • Begonia
  • Bird-of-paradise
  • Brandin iv
  • Palladium
  • Cardboard pen
  • Carnations
  • Cerumen or sarah (also known as hurricane plan)
  • Chinese jade
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Dahlia flowers
  • Daffodils
  • Everlasting peace
  • Flamingos flowers
  • Hyacinth
  • Gladiola
  • Mistletoe
  • Poinsettias
  • Primrose
  • And tulips

but which flower is the most harmful one that you want to keep out of your house and out of your garden that would be lilies.


This includes-

  • Lily of the valley 
  • Easter lilies 
  • Tiger lilies 
  • Rubrum stargazer lilies 
  • Japanese show lilies 
  • Ac attic lilies


Which includes all parts of the lily, which means the stems, leaves, flowers themselves, and even the water that the lily is growing in. Consumption of just two leaves off of the lily plant has proven fatal to cats.

Even if your cat brushes against a lily to get some pollen on its fur, then proceeds to groom his or herself, can be harmful. Even if you brush against a bunch of lilies and then come home and the cat brushes his or herself against you, it is highly likely that your cat will suffer from some toxicity symptoms.


The Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity in Cats


If you are scared, your cat has been exposed to any of these plants, especially any lily. You want to look out for lethargic behavior, vomiting, mouth aging, or decreased interest in food. Usually, it’s persistent urination followed by the complete cessation of air nation meekness and coma.

It’s crucial to suspect that your cat may have ingested any of these plants or flowers or may be suffering from toxicity that you take them to the vet as soon as possible to treat them properly do.

Be aware that with lily’s in particular, if your cat has suffered toxicity even after the treatment that the vet can provide, it’s very highly likely that your cat will have permanent kidney damage for the rest of his or her life. Thus it’s so important to do your research. Know about crucial things like this to make sure that your cat stays safe.

You would even think that flores might have a cat-friendly seal for bouquets because so many of these flowers that I mentioned are included in so many beautiful bouquets, but that can’t be promised, so it’s essential to take responsibility.


The Safe Flowers


There are also attractive options for safe flowers that are non-toxic for your cats, and those include roses, which is fantastic because, as we all know, roses are super popular and very often given in bouquets. Just make sure they don’t include baby’s breath because that is highly toxic to cats.

Other safe flowers include flowers from the Astor family such as african daisies, zinnias, african violets, gerber daisies but make sure they are gerber daisies and not those typical white daisies with the yellow center because those are super toxic.

Lavender, an herb, but lavender is very popular, so I thought it would be good to add for you guys. Sunflowers, orchids, and jasmine flower are also safe.


Now do be aware that although these are considered non-toxic if your cat does ingest a significant amount it will likely cause some distress in your cat system. If you’re even the slightest bit concerns that there might be something wrong with your cat, take it to the vet ASAP to be safe.

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