Tech Gifts for Teenage Guys

Wondering what the best tech gifts for teenage guys are? They love tech, but which one? Now I’ll tell you the most popular tech gift ideas for teen boys. Let’s begin!


Smart Mood Light


Don’t let the name fool you. You can use this kind of lamps as a decorative piece and change the color to fit your needs. Some of them also have a multitude of uses. They can function as an alarm by slowly brightening up your room.

Also, they show colors according to the music beats. Plus, they alert you when you’ve received notifications. It’s perfect if you’re playing games or doing something else, and your phone isn’t near you. Since it lights up a color you designate for various apps – a blue one I get a Facebook notification, yellow for a Snap, and green for Instagram.

It’ll also flash if you’re getting calls or text. To be honest, its multiple features are the reason people love to use this device. I like this as a decorative and functional piece.


Razor Firefly Mousepad


It’s a nice sized gaming mouse pad that fits well into any setup. You can get a cloth or hard version, but I like the cloth one. The only thing is that the cloth one can get dirty pretty quickly. So if you need something low maintenance, you can go with the hard version.

Mousepad’s RGB light is the best thing. It adds a glowy flair to the setup, but it isn’t overwhelming at all. It is one of my favorite purchases for my setup, and it complements any theme very well.


RGB Lights


If you look on Amazon, you’ll see many different companies, but they all pretty much function the same. A lot of these retail for way under 50 bucks, making them easy to implement compared to more expensive, more popular versions. These can quickly spruce up any setup, and they’re pretty easy to install since they make a version for just about any lamp you may already own.

They even have versions with led strips if you want to add some unique lighting to places that you might not usually but be sure to keep the included remote handy. Because that’s what you’re going to use to change the light bunch of different settings.

Let’s be clear they’re not the same quality as the Philips hue, but if you want to save money and still get a fantastic look, these work well. And to be honest, even I could save a few bucks by using them in my game room, which leads us pretty nicely into a cool little device.


Valve Steam Link


I recently added this to my office. This little guy lets you stream games from your pc to your television, but those of us who want a game on a bigger screen or maybe away from the desk you can do this wired or wirelessly.

But I prefer wired since you get better video quality. When using this game, you can use a steam gaming controller or your wireless keyboard and mouse. Most Bluetooth hardware is compatible with it, which is a huge bonus.

So if you don’t want to use your keyboard and mouse, you can even use an Xbox one or ps4 controller. All this is perfect for crazy home theaters, or maybe you want to step away from your desk, and you want to still play your great gaming pc right from your couch.


Portable Charger


And last up, we’ve got aki thirty thousand milliamp portable charger. Now, this guy packs a lot of juice and even though it’s bigger than a typical portable charger is not super bulky, and I pretty much carry it around wherever I go.

It features quick charge 2.0, so if you’re rocking something like the google pixel or maybe the LGV 20, you can charge that up super quickly. Multiple devices can be charged at once with it, so no need to worry if you and a friend both need it, and it can charge USB type-c devices as well.

It is incredible for some of you who are using newer android devices. You get a lot of juice for under 50 bucks, and honestly, this is about all you need in a portable charger, and it’s also got a neat little flashlight.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of tech gifts for teenage guys. These gifts are perfect for teenage guys who love tech things, gaming, and uniqueness.


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