Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas

Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you not know what to get for someone who lives far far away from you? They may even live in a whole different country, and you see, the shipping rates are outrageous, customs is ridiculous. And then if you’re shipping something that’s even three ounces, it cost you like a hundred bucks, so the whole idea in itself is on elastic.

I’ll give you four different long distance birthday gift ideas that you can give to your significant other without shipping.


Send Food from a Local Shop


Do you enjoy eating? I mean, everybody wants something that they love to eat. I mean, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like food. That’s why that’s my number 1 idea. Get us some good food. Just imagine your beloved having a hard-working day, and suddenly they receive a nice big lunch at a basket.

You see, it doesn’t always have to be chocolates or desserts. It can be like some delicious food. But the point there are so many restaurants that take orders online. You can make a phone call and make an order for your dear. I mean, if you aren’t working, wouldn’t it be nice if you saw some food appear for you?


Order a Customized Photo Canvas from a Local Print Shop


It can be hard being away from the person that you love. So what do you do? You look at the photos. You look through them on your phone, so what happens? You see that one photo that sticks out. Maybe it’s a memory that was special to you. It caught that particular moment. So you want to cherish it, so that brings me to number 2 idea. Get a photo canvas, and you could customize it to all different kinds of sizes.

Whether it be huge or something small, not that it can fit in their office. And you can share that special moment with them, and the best part is you don’t have to ship it internationally. You can use a local company around their area to print it and send it directly to the place of being.


Send Flowers from a local Florist


You enjoy the beauty of things everybody has immense respect for nature. If you see something breathtaking, everybody will want to watch it naturally, which brings me to my number 3. Getting flowers are traditionally sweet, something that could never be played out and every place as a florist. And it’s one way of telling them that you’re thinking of that that you’re always thinking.

And can you imagine their face when those vibrant flowers arrive, whether it’s there in their office with our home? I’ll tell you what it’s on the rated gift for the guys because eyes like to know if the woman is thinking of them too.


Arrive there and Surprise them


So it’s a chilly day in December, and you’re texting your significant other like usual, so you woke up in the sky, and what do you see? You see a plane. So it makes you think your other head or way in the distance. So finally, that brings me to number 4. this will always be the best one. Because you know what it is. It’s you. And now I don’t mean in a cheesy lovely WY but sending them a flight itinerary or some itinerary that you’re going to see them.

You see gifts can make you think of the person but what do they want it’s you. When you go to Surprise them, please don’t make the most remember a bowl-like event that they ever had. It will become one of the finest moments for the rest of their lives.

Did you like my long distance birthday gift ideas? Try them out and see what happens!

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