How to Save Money from Salary

How to Save Money from Salary

Today I’m telling you how I have saved thousands of dollars on a minimal salary. If you are in any way wanting to save money, these tips are for you. Seriously these tips on how to save money from salary are just like golden nuggets. I don’t make tons of dollars, but I make good choices. I never really am stretched for cash, and I do have quite a bit in savings.

8 Tips on How to Save Money from Salary


1. Think- Is It Worth Buying?


Think- Is It Worth Buying_

So listen up going to be getting right into it. The first one was life-changing when I first heard it, and it’s not spending money. It is the same thing as making money. Think about that, you need to think of items in terms of hours worked, not just in dollars, which will make things a lot different for you. So let’s say you make $10 an hour at a deli. That’s how much I made when I used to work at a restaurant, and you want to buy a shirt that costs $60.

Okay, that’s an entire day of work. Is the shirt worth the money? So if you don’t buy that shirt, you’re saving money you’re saving $60 in a way, and you need to think about it like that. And considering it in terms of hours worked makes you think twice. For example, a new laptop that’s $1,000 is a lot of work like when you think about it. So that was revolutionary for me.

2. Don’t Spend Money that You Don’t Have.


Don’t Spend Money that You Don’t Have.

Let’s say you want to get a car, and it’s $20,000. And you don’t have $20,000. Oh, perfect, I can finance it, so I’ll do 200 a month, then that’ll be for like eight years. And I’ll get the money each month. Okay, perfect, you don’t have the money, so don’t spend it, and I do get that people do actually at the finance cars. And that’s a legit thing. I have my head around it like I refused to buy a car even though I need one. But is the same thing with credit cards?

I never could grasp my head around that people will buy things that they can’t afford. Because it’s on their credit card, but then you owe the money like that would stress me out so much.

The world is going to offer you so many choices to finance and pay later. Please don’t do it. It will stress you out. It’s just going to add interest. That’s why they want you to do it. But everything you have to pay interest for don’t do it.

3. Make Smart Purchases


Make Smart Purchases

Smart purchases are the best choice. I could have bought a car for half of the price I paid for my vehicle. I’ll tell you guys; I paid $12,000. I have nothing to hide. I could’ve bought one for six thousand, but that would have probably died on me within a year. And then you would have ended up paying more in the long run. I wanted a car that I could pay for in cash. Just give my money away and not have to worry about it, so only buy things you can afford.

4. No Starbucks, No Dunkin


No Starbucks, No Dunkin

I know this will kill some of you, and you can skip this step if they genuinely mean a lot to you. But at least try to cut back because if you do the math of how much these drinks cost, it’s frightening. Let’s say a drink might cost you three dollars every day, and you do it every day that is $84 a month. And you might be thinking you do $4 whatever that adds up that’s a thousand dollars. That is a thousand dollars. You have to think about it.

Like that, I know a small three dollar purchase does not seem like a lot. But guys, there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that pennies turn to dollars, and you have to have that mindset. However, don’t get in Starbucks, even just going five days a week. I’ll splurge every once in a while, like every once a month or once every two months, I’ll get something, but even when I truly genuinely want something like, I don’t let myself just because I know that it’s such a waste.

5. Make Food at Home


Make Food at Home

Not to mention making it at home is a lot healthier for is to buy generic you can. There are some instances where I’m like, you know, I do prefer specific brands. For example like let’s say even just lettuce, I notice Kroger’s lettuce was okay. I’ve been eating Kroger lettuce lately, or you know, just random things. Buying generic when it makes sense will save you a lot of money. It’ll be pennies, you know, like I’m saying, you know a little bit now. But it is a lot, in the long run, making a big difference on grocery trips.

I only do takeout with friends. You will never see me get takeout unless I’m with another human because I always say I want to spend my money on food just when I’m with human interactions that we’re going to go out. It’s going to be like a day or an activity and so only doing take out with friends, yes. I think this is like but my one key to success. Because I cooked myself for every single freaking meal and it seems so much fun even there’s no doubt about the fact that when you eat at home, you are saving it so much money. It is just so much cheaper to do.

6. Buy Used Clothes


Buy Used Clothes

I shop online on stores like Poshmark for used clothes like for my work dresses and stuff. And that might make people cringe and be like what you might used clothes they look the same as usual. For instance, today at work, I was wearing a used dress. I got three compliments on it. No one knew what was used except for me, who probably paid about 20% of the retail price. Yeah, buying used actually really really helps, and it seriously looks the same as if it was new.

7. Do Not Go into Stores.


Do Not Go into Stores

There’s no point in going into a store where you know you can’t afford anything. Because what’s going to happen either you’re just going to walk out because you know I you can’t afford anything. Or B, you’re going to end up saying, oh but but but I guess I can afford it like oh why not it looks perfect. Like I don’t let myself fall in love with things. I know I can have like there’s just no point, so don’t do it.

Also, do not fall for sales. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Cool, you were saving money. But if you didn’t need it in the first place, you’re wasting money. You’re not saving money. So do not fall for sales that you don’t need.

8. Have a Side Hustle


Have a Side Hustle

Shaving a side hustle like there are so many different ones you can have can be as simple as being around walking people’s dogs. There are so many, especially in today’s day and age it’s just all these different things that we have. It can be a blog or youtube channel. Channel. Having a side hustle getting that extra like just a little something on the side of cash makes a huge difference.

Suppose you have a job that doesn’t necessarily have a high salary. Just because you don’t make so much money like millions, oh my gosh, doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of money. It all depends on your spending. For example, I have friends who make almost even yeah I think to double what I make now. Yet they have less money saved than me just because they’re not spending it wisely. So yeah, they’re living a more lavish lifestyle. At the end of the day, they don’t have that much money, just because of what they’re buying.

That’s how you can save money from salary. So yeah, saving is easy if you have the right attitude and the right mindset.

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