First Thing to Say on Tinder

First Thing to Say on Tinder- Top 3 Messages


Hi, I will talk about the top three messages you can send on Tinder as a first message. Now I’ve been reading a good book here, “Matches: The Tinder Book for Men,” and I got to tell you it works fantastically.

And so what I did is actually taken the top three Tinder messages I’ve been sending around the office to girls, all using my own Tinder profile. It’s the top three ones that got the most consistent replies.

So in the book, the author explains exactly how Tinder works and how maybe different messages will get different responses, and how to take advantage of all that to hack Tinder.  But today, I will go over the top three tinder messages that I’ve been using.

I found it worked amazingly well okay, so – number one is-

1. My Mom Thinks You’re Wife Material


This one’s actually hilarious because it’s actually the most consistent. It even gets more replies than any of the other ones probably combined. And it goes like this: “my mom thinks you’re wife material, what should I tell her? That’s it. Kind of funny, it’s kind of a joke, it usually gets women responding saying “you know, she’s got great taste.”

You know it also leads to a pleasant little conversation about. You know, marriage, getting married all kind of tongue in cheek. Which lends itself well to creating that sort of spark of attraction. All right, so that’s number one.

What’s number two? Again another funny one.


2. Tinder Says We’ll Make Beautiful Babies


“Tinder says we’ll make beautiful babies. This is great news.” So again bit more of a relationship kind of sexual vibe with this one, which is really good. It doesn’t have as consistent a reply rate as the first message. But still, a very high reply rate compared to much other news we’ve been sending. All right, so what’s the third message?


3. Hey, I’m New To This Tinder Stuff


The top three message number three is “hey, I’m new to this Tinder stuff. We’re dating now, right? Cool!” This one kind of plays off the whole. I’ve never used Tinder before. This is my first time using it. I’m going to completely misinterpret how to use this thing and just assume we’re dating now. So obviously, it’s not too serious as well.

These messages all three of these work amazingly well for getting replies on Tinder, so you send them as a first message after you match with the girl. And you’re sure to get some fascinating answers to these messages.

So did you like my ideas about the first thing to say on Tinder? If yes, then try them!



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